I'm thrilled to announce that I'm joining Nubank as a Product Manager for their user acquisition and growth team in São Paulo.

Nubank is the leading fintech in Latin America and this is a rare opportunity to help fighting the financial system’s complexity and bureaucracy at scale while learning immensely in the process.

I have been a long fan of their product and getting to know their culture and world-class engineering better made this move an obvious one.

I'll be moving to São Paulo next week, so hit me up to connect if you’re in town!

Super excited to my start date!


Construir o maior marketplace de produtos financeiros do Brasil é um desafio diário. Bancos são, historicamente, algumas das instituições mais engessadas, inchadas, confusas e burocráticas do país; lidar com eles exige raciocínio analítico e crítico de todo o time.

Só em 2018 mais de oito milhões de pessoas contaram com…

Como uma simples pergunta na entrevista fez com que eu revisasse como programo (e ainda me garantiu a vaga).

Em resumo, o que é um front-end performático e de fácil manutenção pra você?

“Só isso? Uma entrevista com uma única pergunta? Essa foi fácil.”

Ao menos foi o que pensei, só para descobrir que, apesar da aparente simplicidade, a pergunta não tem uma resposta simples. Se eu usar diretrizes…

How one simple interview question made me review how I code (and got me hired)

Shortly, what does maintainable and performant front-end code look like to you?

“That’s it? An interview with only one question? Easy peasy.”

Or so I thought, only to find out that, despite its apparent simplicity, the question had no simple answer. If I point to existing guidelines, I’m cheating. If…

How we improved the UX of dubizzle's "place an ad" process

In 2013 I left sunny Brazil for even sunnier Dubai to help crafting the front-end of dubizzle’s new place an ad process — a behemoth with more than fifty pages, seven different routes, and dozens of entry and exit points accessed by millions of users.

Given the flow size, user…

João Cunha

Senior Product Manager at Nubank. Ex-FetLife & Dubizzle/OLX. Growth, CRO, SEO, Web Performance. Frustrated guitarist. Opinions are my own.

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